Field Scouting


Crop scouting at Agricultural Services is an intricate part of the services that is a part of the business model of our company.  Our scouting staff is experienced and dedicated to make the most economical recommendation to you in regards to your crop. With season long scouting available we are equipped and focused on getting your crop out of the ground and helping maximize yield potential all the way to the bins. With the growing importance technology has played in agriculture we have also followed pursuit with investment in technology based scouting.

Scouting Tools

  • GPS Referencing/Photo Issues
  • Aerial Imagery/Drone Monitoring
  • Exclusive Field Tracker Programming Tool

Scouting Aspects

  • Burndown Scouting/Herbicide Recommendations
  • Stand Counts
  • Weed ID/Recommendations
  • Leaf Tissue Sampling
  • Chemigation/Fertigation Pump Set up & Monitoring
  • Insect ID/Recommendations
  • Disease ID/Recommendations
  • Nitrate Stalk Testing
  • Irrigation Monitoring/Recommendations
  • Soil Sampling
    • Composite
    • Grid
    • Zone
    • Deep
  • Individual Field Programing

Field Scouting Report